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How Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy Providers Should Use LinkedIn

If you have a occupational, physical or speech therapy private practice, LinkedIn can help you connect with referral sources and market your practice. Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.independentclinician.com Older, but still relevant. See on Scoop.it – Occupational Therapy Inspiration

New free OT clinic is the first of its kind in Florida

Rhonda Smith battles with her own body as she struggles to stand from her electric wheelchair. Her legs don’t work like they used to. Tasks like hanging up her clothes and taking a shower pose challenges after years of immobility. Source: www.gainesville.com See on Scoop.it – Occupational Therapy Inspiration

Send me your Christmas list

So I don’t celebrate Christmas, but here’s the deal; my company is opening a new nursing home one town over and they would like a list of capital equipment expenditures for the new building. For the uninitiated of you out there, that is basically your call to break out your dream list of the best…

Review: Business Fundamentals for the Rehabilitation Professional

If you only stick your head up once in a while to take in the scent of current events, then you know that a lot of people in the rehab profession are concerned about the direction events are taking in Washington. For many us in the skilled nursing practice area things are starting to look…

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