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Study: Yoga Builds Bone, Reverses Osteoporosis

“A 10-year peer-reviewed study has shown that 12 minutes of yoga, done daily, can build bone, reverse osteoporosis, and improve bone quality without causing injury.” Sourced through Scoop.it from: occupational-therapy.advanceweb.com Important evidence based practice knowledge for practitioners with older adult clients. See on Scoop.it – Occupational Therapy Inspiration

Biogen Reports Its Alzheimer’s Drug Sharply Slowed Cognitive Decline – NYTimes.com

An experimental drug for Alzheimer’s Disease sharply slowed the decline in mental function in a small clinical trial, researchers reported Friday, reviving hopes for an approach to therapy that until now has experienced repeated failures. Source: mobile.nytimes.com See on Scoop.it – Occupational Therapy Inspiration

Missouri Study Sheds Light on Stroke Rehab on ADVANCE for Occupational Therapy Practitioners

See on Scoop.it – Occupational Therapy Inspiration “Although more work is needed, Frey specifically suggests that his team’s work on amputees may inform rehabilitation of stroke patients who do not regain precision control of the dominant hand during acute and subacute phases of recovery.” See on occupational-therapy.advanceweb.com

Send me your Christmas list

So I don’t celebrate Christmas, but here’s the deal; my company is opening a new nursing home one town over and they would like a list of capital equipment expenditures for the new building. For the uninitiated of you out there, that is basically your call to break out your dream list of the best…

Shut up and listen…

I normally don’t like to just post links, but the site I’m sharing today really made me smile at the end of a difficult week. Many of us occupational therapists could take a lesson from this photographer who shot photos of his grandmother in hilarious poses dressed as a superhero. He did it because she…

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