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Study: Yoga Builds Bone, Reverses Osteoporosis

“A 10-year peer-reviewed study has shown that 12 minutes of yoga, done daily, can build bone, reverse osteoporosis, and improve bone quality without causing injury.” Sourced through Scoop.it from: occupational-therapy.advanceweb.com Important evidence based practice knowledge for practitioners with older adult clients. See on Scoop.it – Occupational Therapy Inspiration

New free OT clinic is the first of its kind in Florida

Rhonda Smith battles with her own body as she struggles to stand from her electric wheelchair. Her legs don’t work like they used to. Tasks like hanging up her clothes and taking a shower pose challenges after years of immobility. Source: www.gainesville.com See on Scoop.it – Occupational Therapy Inspiration

This smartphone app can detect skin cancer

See on Scoop.it – Occupational Therapy Inspiration You can already use your smartphone to do things like hail a pimp ride home or order an artisan pizza, obviously the next step is cancer detection,   Andrew N Levy‘s insight: “Initial testing found that DermoScan was able to identify skin cancer roughly 85 percent of the…

Gut woes may accompany repetitive behaviors in autism — SFARI.org – Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative

See on Scoop.it – Occupational Therapy Inspiration “Although children with autism frequently complain of gastrointestinal (GI) problems, the link between gut health and autism is not entirely clear. Researchers have now begun to trace a connection between the two.” See on sfari.org

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